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How Missed Workflow Steps Affect Your Bottom Line

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What happens when a logistical connection between a company’s administrative team and its mobile workforce is broken during the course of a job’s progress? Usually, smaller instances of communicative disconnect like this between management and employees result in nothing but mere inconveniences to the deadline of a project. However, missed steps in workflows can add

Making the Most of Your Ice Cream Truck Business

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Summer is almost upon us! For those of you unfortunate souls living up north, we know how trying (and seemingly never-ending) this past winter was, so we can imagine the jubilation you all feel now that you’ve had the opportunity to thaw out, since Mother Nature finally deemed it time to grace you all with

International Port Cities and Global Trade

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Trade networks across the globe play an instrumental role in the continuous upkeep of the world’s economy. They’re the superhighways of international exchange, and the collective spinal cord of global commerce. Every single day, millions of goods travel along these networks to provide populations with vital resources. The port cities serving as funnels for the

5 Tips for Delivering the Perfect Sales Pitch

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On the Netflix original show “White Gold,” we’re introduced to Vincent Swan, a chap from Essex with no real ambition in life. He works a dead-end job he doesn’t care for, until finding his true calling: manipulating unwitting people into purchasing a product — in this case, home windows — they don’t really need, all

Welding: A Trade That’s Becoming More Valuable Than Ever

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Welding is a profession that makes everything from wrought-iron fencing to skyscraper infrastructure possible, and in today’s ever-modernizing world, it couldn’t be more important. The process of transforming raw metals into specialized objects is a fascinating one to watch, and with torches often times reaching temperatures in excess of 5,000 degrees when heating up metals,

The Woes of Remote Management & How to Remedy Them

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Though it seems a lifetime ago, we really don’t have to look too far back to remember a time when the traditional workweek was considered Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Of course there were always exceptions to the rule, depending on the industry and demands, but that was long held to

The Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

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When it comes to business teamwork, the different aspects of a company are like gears in a mechanism. Each cog must be finely tuned to its own specifications, but also mesh perfectly with the other parts of the machine to help it accomplish a defined purpose. A successful business is predicated on hardworking individuals that

HBO’s “Westworld” and Behind-the-Scenes Management

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In late 2016, HBO fans were introduced to a fantasy world that reinvented the classic western, adding an element of science-fiction to the concept we’re all familiar with. “Westworld,” based on the 1973 film of the same name, is about an expansive, immersive theme park that caters to the elite. Those who are willing (and

Efficient Ways for Your Company to Go Green and Save Money

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Helping to conserve the environment and also saving your company money don’t have to be two mutually exclusive things. While both of these separate ideas can seem unrelated at face value, there are many different practices that your business can do to become a green, environmentally-conscious company that witnesses saved funds as a direct result.

The Best Apps for Preventing Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving — and the wave of devastation that comes with it — is a major issue today. In 2015, it was the cause of nearly 10 percent of all U.S. motor vehicle fatalities and around 16 percent of overall automobile injuries. Cellphone use has taken the forefront as the target goal for distracted driving

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