Three Essential Tips for Improving Time Management

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Time is the one of the few resources that can’t ever be gained back once it’s been spent. This statement particularly resonates in the workplace setting, where optimized productivity and the acquisition of true efficiency are essential to success. Because abundant surpluses of wasted time can be detrimental to high motivation, ensuring that your company’s

HBO’s “Westworld” and Behind-the-Scenes Management

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In late 2016, HBO fans were introduced to a fantasy world that reinvented the classic western, adding an element of science-fiction to the concept we’re all familiar with. “Westworld,” based on the 1973 film of the same name, is about an expansive, immersive theme park that caters to the elite. Those who are willing (and

Modern Architecture and Networking in the 21st Century

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Modern architecture is something that has grown increasingly complex in recent decades. Today, seemingly impossible feats of both engineering and construction alike are becoming possible, after recent developments stemming from years of ambitious design. Some of the most cutting-edge creative minds across the globe are continually finding ways to expand the boundaries of what simple

Efficient Ways for Your Company to Go Green and Save Money

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Helping to conserve the environment and also saving your company money don’t have to be two mutually exclusive things. While both of these separate ideas can seem unrelated at face value, there are many different practices that your business can do to become a green, environmentally-conscious company that witnesses saved funds as a direct result.

Mental Wellness in the Workplace

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It’s a pretty safe bet to say that we spend a lot of time at work. Many professionals spend 40 hours a week working (some much more than that). Regardless of the amount of time you spend on the clock, stress and mental strain can be expected on the job. If that stress goes unchecked

The Do’s and Don’ts of Politics in the Workplace

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Recently, the election cycle in the United States has been one for the ages. At points, it’s been so explosive that it’s probably hard to resist picking your coworkers’ brains about their political viewpoints. Curiosity aside, is the office an appropriate place to discuss your affiliation with Clinton or Trump? What about other political events? Should

Tackling Risk Management

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Workforce management continues to grow more complex as time marches onward. As technology increases the scope of what comprises a workforce, the risks faced by companies increase as well. These risks are areas in which the companies are susceptible to experiencing losses. Three of the most exposed areas for risk are payroll, records, and safety.

Project Management on the Biggest Stage with Marvel, DC, and Actsoft

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Marvel and Detective Comics (DC) have been household names for the better part of the last century, having woven a complete mythology using comic books since the early 1900s. The mere mention of these franchises evokes iconic images of caped crusaders and web-slingers doing battle with countless villains. Marvel led the charge with Iron-Man (2008),

Managing Mobile Employees

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The Super Bowl this past Sunday was the highest rated TV program in American history. The game was intense, compelling, and went down to the final moments. The big-name players played some of their best games. The halftime performance by Katy Perry with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot captivated millions. However, the stars of the

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