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Talent Is Not the Key to Success

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You might be surprised by what is. In a word: organization. The ability to assemble a variety of moving parts in such a way that they work efficiently is the key to any company’s success — whether you own an accounting firm or doughnut shop. Understanding and managing the flow of daily operations can save

Reasons Why a Website Makeover May Be Necessary

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The virtual world is an obscure place where anything and everything goes. With such freedom in the cyber world, many businesses can be complacent in their interactions with customers. Although many businesses know that the potential of their success can rest in one simple customer review, some still seem to think that maintaining a well-rounded

Excellence is a Habit

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” — Will Durant Every business is conceived with the goal of success in mind. Each enterprising entrepreneur sets out to realize their dream to the best of their ability. While some of them manage to achieve success, others flounder and

Martial Arts and Management

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The martial arts of East Asia have long fascinated people in the West. The proliferation of martial arts through the film industry only served to boost the aforementioned fascination: Images of ninjas; Shaolin monks; and the late, great Bruce Lee performing gravity-defying kicks have captured the hearts of audiences for decades. These techniques, however, were

Actsoft Joins the Ranks of the TBBJ 200

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Exciting news around the Actsoft offices came out this week! Each year the Tampa Bay Business Journal categorically ranks the top 200 privately owned local businesses in a feature called the TBBJ 200, breaking each down by industry and ranking them based on the total revenue generated. We’re thrilled to say that this year

Tackling Risk Management

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Workforce management continues to grow more complex as time marches onward. As technology increases the scope of what comprises a workforce, the risks faced by companies increase as well. These risks are areas in which the companies are susceptible to experiencing losses. Three of the most exposed areas for risk are payroll, records, and safety.

Busting Burglars: Home Appliances and Tracking

By |2019-03-12T14:31:42-04:00May 22nd, 2017|Actsoft, Comet Asset, Comet Fleet, Construction, Small Business|

Imagine having just slated a recently constructed home for closing. There could be anywhere from a few days to a week before the closing actually occurs. During this window, appliances are installed within the home. This is also when thieves tend to target these homes to steal those appliances. Charlotte, North Carolina experienced a string

Trucking, Tracking, and Safety

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A lone truck driver was traveling along a cliff-side roadway, midway through completing a long haul. While navigating one of the roadway’s curves, the brakes fail. The truck, its cargo, and driver all go over the edge, with no witnesses to the incident … Elsewhere, winter snows assault another driver as he travels into the

Distracted Driving & The Workforce

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This story is a familiar one: A lone person is driving along an often-traveled route, confident in their ability to navigate without giving the road their full attention. Their phone, sitting in a cup-holder to their right, vibrates with a notification. The driver picks up the phone. It is a simple text: “What do you

Too Fast, Too Furious — Monitoring Employee Speeding

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People love to move quickly. It is equal parts the desire to reach a destination faster and the desire for the thrill. Track meets, drag races, and fighter jet displays are just some of the methods used to achieve the thrills of speeding. However, the thrill of speeding drivers pose a detriment to your business

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